Demo server: Sign up or Login is a hosting service for neuroinformatics, medical informatics research data, and clinical trials. Data are stored in a heirarchical format with all data being linked to each research participant. You get your own database instance, which lives on its own server, accessible anywhere from your own subdomain:

What data can I store?blue-archive-icon The following modalities are currently available, under which any binary data format can be store: MR, CT, US, OT, EEG, ET, PPI, Video, Consent, Task, Surgical plan. We are always adding new modalities as users request them.
Any data format can be stored, including DICOM (anonymized), Nifti, Analyze, MINC, neuroscan, avi/wmv, PDF etc. There are generally no limits to the size of the data or number of files/scans associated with your research projects. See features list and FAQ.

blue-document-download-iconHow can I access data? Data can be downloaded as a ZIP file, but can be prepared in a variety directory and file formats prior to download. Sign up for an account in demo instance and test some of the features available.

blue-case-iconWhat does it cost? Costs for data hosting include a base server charge and monthly storage and bandwidth charges. Base servers come in 3 sizes to cover any situation, from a few dozen subjects to several thousand. For most circumstances, the cost of storage on would be less than the cost to purchase and maintain a local server. Visit the pricing page for current information.

Want to see more? Signup for an account on the demo instance. Or to sign up for a 30-day trial with your own instance, contact

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