Sign upLogin is a hosting service for neuroinformatics and medical informatics research data. Data are stored in a heirarchical format with all data being linked to each research participant.

What data can I store?blue-archive-icon The following modalities are currently available, under which any binary data format can be store: MR, CT, US, OT, EEG, ET, PPI, Video, Consent, Task, Surgical plan. New modalities can be created for specific data. Any data format can be stored, including DICOM (anonymized), Nifti, Analyze, MINC, neuroscan, avi/wmv, PDF etc. There are generally no limits to the size of the data or number of files/scans associated with your research projects. See features list.

blue-document-download-iconHow can I access data? Data can be downloaded as a ZIP file, but can be prepared in many directory and file formats prior to download. Sign up for an account in public instance and test some of the features available.

blue-case-iconWhat does it cost? Costs for data hosting are calculated monthly, so you only pay for what you use.  Prices are $0.20 per subject enrollment and $0.55/GB for binary data. An example 3 year study with 100 subjects might cost $1800 over the length of the study. When you sign up with you are given your own instance in which you can create projects and users and upload your data. You can also share this data with colleagues on the same system. If you want more security, or your IRB requires it, you may setup your own server which is physically separate from the main instance ( for a $500 setup fee and then regular per subject and per GB prices.

Neuroinformatics and Medicalinformatics Research Data Hosting