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Wednesday September 10, 2003
I got a new car! A 2002 Toyota Camry. Read about my car-buying experiences.

Wednesday June 11, 2003
The Book Company is developing HIPAA compliant clinic scheduling/billing software. The software will include scheduling for multiple practitioners with double booking features. Billing system including ICD-9 codes, insurance billing, and reporting. A chart system for medical records is included as well. Fill out a survey about your current clinic software. More information will arrive about the system as it is developed. Go to for more information about how you help in the development process.

Thursday January 23, 2003
Lisa and I got engaged! We haven't set a date for the wedding, but were projecting it to be sometime in late summer 2004.

Friday January 3, 2003
I've created a C++ Reference Card. It's very detailed and comprehensive. It contains syntax, function, and class reference and examples. Includes ASCII table, preprocessor directives, file I/O, abstract data types and more. Available for sale. 8.5" x 11" laminated.

Saturday May 18, 2002
I graduated on May 18, 2002 with a BS in computer science & engineering.
Want to hire me? View my resume in [PDF], also view the projects that I've worked on.

Thursday January 17, 2002
I've updated the projects page. You can download Web Navigation System (WNS) and the beginnings of my eye-gaze tracking program.

Thursday November 1, 2001
My family tree is now online. View 7 generations of my family. Are you on there? Check!
ASP Parser/Formatter
April 16, 2003
I've created an ASP parser that can be used to format ASP pages. View the state diagram. Code is not yet available on the website, but the state diagram describes how one would be able to parse HTML containing ASP and format it according to their standards.

Next Generation Eye Gaze Tracking
September 26, 2002
After completing my eye gaze tracking project for school, I decided I wanted to continue development. There were many things I wanted to fix and many ways I knew I could improve the tracking to make it useful. I was able to find support to work on the system for handicapped persons through The Longitude Prize Society. Information about my new eye gaze tracking project is still available on my projects page.

Senior Design Project - Eye Gaze Tracking
May 12, 2002
We (Wajid, Hardik, Saira, Greg) finished our eye-gaze tracking system for our senior design project at the University of Connecticut. We were able to get it to recognize the center of the iris. You can download the program, user manual, and get details on my projects page.

Friday January 3, 2003
Pictures of my family and friends have been moved. If you are a family member or friend who wants the address of the photos, email me at

I will soon post some of my favorite pictures, from places I've been, in this section.

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